Silk Market Beijing Shopping Instruction

Silk Market Beijing Shopping Instruction

What Can You Buy at the Silk Street

Silk Street (Silk Market) is a prosperous shopping market in Beijing, located at No. 8 East Xiushui Street, Chaoyang District. Because of its location, it is also called Xiushui Street or Xiushui Market by locals. Used to be an outdoor market, it now becomes a shopping mall.

Office Area, Tongrentang Pharmacy,  Food Area (Patio Pizza, Zheng Yi Yuan Restaurant…)
International Jewelry Exchange Centre, Boutiques, Huaxia Bank, Supermarket, Teahouse
Jewelries, Jade Articles, Antiques, Calligraphy and Paintings, Tea, Porcelain, Folk Handicrafts, Rugs, Cosmetics, Watches, Glasses, Stationery, Outdoor Supplies, Electrical Appliances, Digital Products, CDs/DVDs,  Nail Salon, Foot Massage
3F Tailor’s Shop, Scarves, Ties, Chinese Clothing, Pajamas, Silk Bedding, Children’s Wear, Toys, Silk Carpets,  Nail Salon, Foot Massage, ATM
2F Clothes, Boutique Corridor, Bedding,  Nail Salon, Foot Massage, Money Exchange, ATM
1F Clothes,  Cafes, Information Desk, ATM
B1 Suitcases & Bags, Shoes,  Hats, Leatherwear, CDs/DVDs, Electronics Maintainence, Gift Packing, KFC, Money Exchange
B2 Office Area, Post Office, Food Area
B3 Parking Lot

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