Shopping tips at Silk Market Beijing

Shopping tips at Silk Market Beijing

Although there are a variety of goods in the silk market Beijing, the most attractive goods are silk. Even a silk museum was built on the third floor.

If you want to enjoy shopping in the ultimate Chinese style, the first and the second floors cannot be missed. On these two floors, one can bargain freely in the Boutique Corridor. Here are some tips to consider when you shop there:
1. The most basic and important skill here is being able to bargain. You do not have to feel shy or embarrassed when you bargain with the sellers. It is part of everyday life in China, so you can try your best to cut the price by 10% to 30% of their offer.
2. You should be aware that almost all the world famous goods brands here are imitations, because a local and international reputation is gained for selling counterfeit luxury designer brands at relatively low prices. You can buy something very worthy if you like.
3. Remember to go to different shops to ask the prices of the items you want to buy. In this way, you can buy your items at the lowest price. Meanwhile, remember to check the quality carefully and ask for better ones, if the products are not perfect.
4. When you buy electronic products in the market, be careful to check the quality. However, if you prefer to pay attention to the shape instead of the quality, you can buy anything you like without hesitation. But remember to bargain no matter what kind of article you buy.

There are both good restaurants and small eateries in the market, so you can have a rest and get refreshed when you are tired. Reputable establishments such as the Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, and some famous coffee and restaurant chains such as Lavazza, SPR Coffee, and Subway all have shops inside the building. Have an exciting time!

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