Have fun bargaining at Silk Market Beijing

Have fun bargaining at Silk Market Beijing

Silks, electronics and bargain fashions are just some of the wares on offer at this busy multi-level indoor market.

Browse for bargains through several floors of fashion, jewelry, handbags and tailored silk clothing at the Silk Street Market Beijing . Once an outdoor market filling several alleys, the retail hub is now an indoor shopping center with over 400 stalls.

Start your shopping adventure in the basement where you’ll find handbags, shoes and luxury luggage. Haggle hard to get the best bargains. Don’t worry if your language skills are limited, the stall holders are used to tourists. Many can speak English and some other European languages.

If you have a few days in the city, visit the silk tailors on the third floor and have suits and clothing custom made. Chinese arts and crafts are in plentiful supply too, so the market is a great place to stock up on souvenirs.

When you’re ready for some relaxation and a bite to eat, head to the top floor restaurants to try such Beijing specialties as crispy roast duck with sweet plum sauce, wrapped in pancakes. There are also masseurs on several levels for some sublime pampering.

Silk Street( Silk Market Beijing) is a cultural experience as much as it is about shopping. You’ll soon be used to the lavish compliments and claims of friendship from stall holders as well as the lively discussions over prices.

To get to the Silk Street Market, take the subway to Yong’anli Station and you will emerge directly within the shopping complex. The silk market is open daily year-round.

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